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Mountain Creek State School values processes to help volunteers feel part of our school and find contacts easily.   It is important to realise that we view volunteers as those wanting to contribute to the wellbeing and personal success of all students in our school.  If you only wish to work with your child’s class, you should talk directly with the teacher.  Depending on the needs of the class, age of students, programs being used by staff and people’s backgrounds, class teachers may use or not use parent helpers in their class.  Realistically the classroom teacher is the best person to decide will work effectively for the students in their care.  Those wishing to be part of exciting programs across the school can link in with our Volunteer Program.  Mountain Creek State School is committed to building a sense of community through involving volunteers within the school.  Parents and community members can play an important role in helping future generations achieve their full potential.  Working with children and schools is a rewarding task as we really do help build a better world for our children.

You can REGISTER as a volunteer and then the school will email or contact you as programs are run throughout the year.  You can also meet with staff to talk about our programs.  The school’s key contacts for volunteers are:

Management and Decision Making - Rob Van den Heuvel (Principal)       

Fundraising and P and C Association - Teresa Patterson (P and C President)

Learning Support and Support A Reader - Nicky Letchford / Fiona Horne  (STLN)               

KidsMatters and Parent Information - Louise Blanche (GO and MYCP) 

Chaplaincy and Social Support - Anthony Pulford (Chaplain) 

Office and Grounds - Dot Boothby (BSM)