Out of school hours care


After and Before School Care is a government subsidised program providing supervision and fun for primary school children 'before and after school hours' by experienced and qualified Childcare Coordinators who are committed to recreation experiences.

Helping Hands OSHC Mountain Creek

Helping Hands Network is working in partnership with Mountain Creek State School to provide Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) services to the school community.


The Helping Hands Network OSHC facility is located near Prep One on Hermosa Street side of the school. If you enter via Hermosa Street, there is an adjacent car park you can use. All children attending the service must be dropped off in the morning or collected in the afternoon by an authorised person and signed in and out of the OSHC facility each day.


Helping Hands Network tailors their programs to meet the local school community needs, providing much more than child minding. Their programs are designed to develop stronger, healthier, happier children and to provide an environment that is like a 'home away from home'. Programs are developed in consultation with children, parents, the school community and Helping Hands Educators. They are tailored to cater to the children’s age, skill, interests and abilities through a variety of challenging and recreational activities.

Before and after school care

Care is available 5 days per week during term time. Before school, the service operates from 6.30 am – 9.00 am. After school, the service operates 2.30pm to 6.00pm. Children can walk straight to and from their classrooms. Educators pick up and drop off the Prep students and escort them to the OSHC room. 

Vacation care and student free days

A full day program is available 5 days per week during school holidays, and on Student Free Days from 6.30 am to 6.00 pm. 


Helping Hands Network provides a healthy breakfast at Before School Care and a healthy afternoon tea at After School Care. Breakfast, morning tea, and afternoon tea are all provided at Vacation Care.  In addition to these meals the children also have the opportunity to participate in cooking activities and the occasional special treat. 

Fees - Government subsidies

  • Before School Care $15.50 per session
  • After School Care $22.00 per session
  • Vacation Care $48.00 per session   

There are a number of schemes available to parents including;

Child Care Benefit (CCB)

CCB is a means tested benefit available to parents who are working, studying or training and are accessing Outside School Hours Care. The percentage benefit available to a family is determined by criteria including the number of children in care and household income.
Helping Hands Network automatically lodges claims on behalf of parents for the CCB, and only bills for the difference.

Child Care Rebate (CCR) 

This rebate is available to all families who meet the work/study/training test for CCB (even if their income excludes them from any CCB rebate), and entitles families to receive 50% of their out-of-pocket child care costs up to $7,500 per child per year. The CCR can either be claimed as a rebate paid quarterly, or you can arrange to have it paid directly to Helping Hands to reduce your out of pocket expenses. To take up this second option, you must contact Centrelink in the first instance, to make these arrangements. Centrelink pays the rebate direct to a provider in arrears based on the attendance numbers submitted.
Currently, places are available in Before School Care, After School Care and for Vacation Care. 

Contact Information

For more information contact the Helping Hands Network.
To make an enquiry to use the service:

Parent handbook

A copy of the parent handbook is available on request from the service coordinator, or by contacting the Helping Hands Network head office on (07) 5390 0500. Download Helping Hands Mountain Creek Key Service Information.

Enrolment packages for OSHC

Enrolment packages for viewing or downloading can be found here.

Last reviewed 30 April 2020
Last updated 30 April 2020